2 The Good Kitchen

In Warsaw, at one shared table, stars, chefs and guests from all over the world meet to prepare and eat a meal inspired by culinary traditions from their own countries, and to organize “fundraising” for food for the homeless and the old and orphaned children: COOKING 4 GOOD, a meeting of people who seemingly are divided by everything but unite for a common cause. Cooks from India, Asia, Europe, Arabs and Jews, the Americas and Africa, stars of TV programs and refugees from countries affected by war and dictatorship, at one table, around the common idea of ​​the “Cooking for Good”. 

PEACE KITCHEN is also a “multicultural couscous”, a culinary program during which we will explore the principles of simple, healthy and tasty cuisine from around the world, getting to know a different country from which our guests come in each episode. The food will be tasty, healthy, and beautifully presented. At our table, we can talk on various current topics, everyone can tell about their country and the customs at the table, whether to eat meat or not, and how, how to choose good quality products, how to combine them with each other. Each episode will combine entertainment, education and charity. We will prepare the meals together and then share them with others. 

Peace Kitchen will be a program aimed at a wide audience aged 25-55, not only those living in big cities, but also those who live in smaller towns.

Each program will be hosted by different guest stars and a team that will talk and cook at the table together with other invited guests in each episode, organising a fundraiser for various NGOs and foundations that organize support for people in need of food or in bad health, with the help of a dedicated app.