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11 Illuminations

In the morning:

1. Abre los Ojos / Enjoy the Silence. 60 seconds.

2. Stretch like a cat, from your toes to your fingertips. Breathe, yawn, reflax your jaws and your neck. Push the wall with your hands, like you were doing a handstand. Do a candle, or a bridge, do some scissors. Sit up in lotus pose. Stand up, rotate around your axis. Stop, balance on one foot. Go to your window, look at the light, say „thanks”.

3. Make three wishes. First in your mind. Then visualize them, then, speak them out loud. Repeat them in front of your mirror, three times.

4. Listen to the radio, or play some music or a record.

5. Take a scottish shower. Sing in the shower.

6. Make your bed. Think what the day has brought, what this day will bring.

7. Have a cup of coffee. Enjoy the smell, the taste, the color, the sounds, that warm feeling. I usually have a piece of chocolate with my coffee. Feel the love.

8. Learn something new – read business advice, how to speak, how to sing, how to exercice, how to meditate, how to be a better you.

9. Write down thoughts that become words that become actions

10. Eat that frog

11. Go for a walk or for a swim or a run

+Be Free. Be happy. Love

When the Night Comes

11. Light a candle. Sing a song. Close your eyes.

10.Stretch before sleep. From Head to Toes and back. Yawn.

9. Count your blessings. All 9 this day has brought you.

8. Play some some music or listen to the radio. Don’t speak.

7. Take a warm bath, with soaps and incence.

6. Have a cup of tea, choose your poison

5. Read a fairy tale. It all ends well. If it’s not well, it’s not the end.

4. Memorize what you’ve learnt.

3. Recap the day. Think of tomorrow. And all the other days to come. You shape your reality.

2. Go to bed. Relax every muscle, slow down your breath. Join with the Sky, and with the Earth and the Stars, dissolve gently into the night. You are no more. There is only a star in the Night.

1. Prepare for Lucid dreaming. Close your eyes, enter REM. Leave your worries behind. Start flying. Fly by Night.

0… Open the gates of sleep

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